Sunday, July 23, 2006

Off to Lumos soon!

Soon I will be leaving for Lumos 2006, a Harry Potter Convention held in Las Vegas, NV. It's become a little difficult to think of much else. Here is a list of the sessions I hope to attend:

Muggles and Mental Health: A Psychoanalytic Perspective on the Inner World of Harry Potter
Chris Blazina, Ph.D. (Tennessee State University)

This paper discusses some of the deeper psychological meaning found within the Harry Potter series. Discussion topics include: challenges that Harry Potter faces in an attempt to make peace with his inner world as viewed from the perspective of various psychoanalytic writers; a practical way to make peace with damaging people (past and present) and protect against their influence by developing a psychological "Patronus;" other implications.

Why Voldemort Cannot be Named: Traditions, Taboos, and Language in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter (Presentation)
Jeanne M. LaHaie (Western Michigan University)

The fact that most of the wizarding world is reluctant to utter Voldemort's name has often puzzled fans and scholars; however, some answers can be found in primitive naming taboos.

This presentation examines ancient name superstitions, particularly medieval Jewish magical practices whose adherents believed they could command powerful beings by calling their true names - but that the unprepared would be destroyed. In this way, inhabitants of Rowling's world are largely afraid to utter the name Voldemort and inadvertently summon this demonic figure. This presentation will further examine Harry's use of Voldemort's name as key to his ultimate success.

Ideas to Paper: Fan Artwork of Harry Potter
Glockgal (moderator), Cathybites, Halogirl, Hill. Sherant, TBranch

With a world as lush and fascinating as the Harry Potter series, it is no surprise that this world has been illustrated in countless different ways. Come join these talented fanartists for a discussion on Harry Potter artwork and the influence of fandom on the fanartist community.

The Parameters of Speculation: The Different Ways of Thinking about the Possible Endings of the Harry Potter Saga
Penny Linsenmayer (moderator), John Granger, Steve Vander Ark, Joyce Odell

As we wait for the last novel in the Harry Potter epic and try to digest the penultimate book in the series, serious readers privately and publicly speculate about what they believe could happen, must happen, or just what they want to see happen in the finale. Rather than explore specific topics of this speculation ("Will Harry die?" "Did Snape really kill Dumbledore?"), the Parameters of Speculation panel will discuss from a variety of perspectives what constitutes "valid" or "quality" speculation and what paths are almost certainly dead ends.

Fan Overboard! The Problem and Perils of a Closing Canon
Sara Goetz

Have a theory that was forced to walk the canon plank? Favorite character sent to Davy Jones' Locker before their time? Shipwrecked? Come share the story of your personal experience with the canon-bomb. What put the final bullet in your favorite speculation? How do you stay interested once your pet theory is rendered impossible by the author's vicious pen? What does the rapidly closing canon mean for fans whose joy is to wonder and wager on future books? We'll discuss these questions, the countdown to the end, and where fandom will go from there - or so we think.

What Does the Future Hold? Predictions and Theories for Book Seven (Roundtable)
Allison Ross

Come join us for a lively discussion of book seven! What really happened in Godric's Hollow that Halloween night? Who will die next? What's really up with Snape? How will it all end? Share your own theories, ideas, and opinions about the ending of the series with other fans. Have fun speculating as we all anxiously await the release of book seven!

Managing Your HP Fan Club (CEU)
Lauren Shaw

How do you start and maintain a Harry Potter fan club? From recruiting members to gaining finances, we can help. Atlanta HP began two years ago with one person and has grown to almost 100 members. Topics we will be discussing include membership, meet ups, web presence, activities, events, and more. Our poster will have advice on organization, keeping drama within the group to a minimum, including everyone (no matter their ship preference), and further issues. You can't be the only adult in your area who loves Harry Potter, so why not start a fan club?

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