Sunday, September 10, 2006

Makani=cheering charm

Makani made my day today. It was an OK day. Pulled weeds, went to work, grocery shopped and came home, but something made me check my subscriptions to friends' Livejournals and Harry Potter fanartist Makani (Heather Campbell) had posted no fewer than 4 new Potter drawings (3 canon and 1 gloriously noncanon of a goth Ginny) and a portfolio she drew while at the zoo.

Why is simply viewing creativity like this as good as a Cheering Charm? One of the reasons I enjoy Harry Potter fandom so much is because it seems to compel people to write, draw, sing, film, in response. Me? I make lists =). Artists rock.

Makani's Livejournal:
Makani's homepage and portfolio:

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