Saturday, November 04, 2006

Delightful new interview with J.K. Rowling now available

I love it when people send me long lost interviews! My deepest thanks to Trish Drasnin, because she sent me not only the video clips, but also a beautifully executed transcript of the July 8, 2000 interview that Stephen Fry did while he and Rowling were aboard the Hogwarts Express. This exchange made me giggle:

SF: Is there…. And I’ve heard stories of signing queues where there are sort of 17 boys dressed as Harry Potter and so on. Does that sort of worry you? Do you….
JKR: Am I warping a generation?
SF: Oh yes, are you afraid of the almost obsessive nature of the subject?
JKR: The funny thing is that I did always think that, if it ever did get published, it was a book for obsessives. I’m quite an obsessive person. I think you can probably tell.
SF: Yes.
JKR: And I did think if people liked it they would probably like it obsessively. I just never…. but I thought that it would be an obsessive few – I never guessed it would be an obsessive many, as has happened.

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