Monday, February 26, 2007

Fan challenge: Can you find these?

With so many articles and transcripts of J.K. Rowling interviews reappearing, I thought I would post a list of the ones we're looking for. If you have any of these, please email me:
  • Blue Peter TV Show appearance, March 3, 1997 Jo has mentioned this as her first TV appearance but I can find no record of it except for the listing in the IMDB.
  • Diane Rehm show audio from October 20, 1999 (apparently re-broadcast on 12/24/1999). I have written them to request a copy since they removed it from their archives and they said they couldn't do that. It had been here.
  • CBC "This Morning, Sunday Edition" audio interview from October 2000. I have searched their site and the web and cannot find it. It had been here. Either the audio or a transcript would be great.
  • Blue Peter from March 12, 2001. We only have a partial transcript.
  • Owen Jones interview from July 17, 2005 -- we only have partial transcripts. We found this one! Big thank you to Joanne Hill!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how the interview of Owen Jones isn't full transcripted. It was 2005!!! Where were the british fans this day? Argh... And this boy did great questions (I though he would ask the same of always, but he did a great job).

Allison said...

Thanks - I am Owen's Mum, and the whole experience was very exciting. The day he won the competition he was told he had to think of 30 questions to ask JK Rowling. 30? It was hard - we went to our neighbours, everthing, asking - 'Well, what would you say to J.K. if you met her next Saturday?'