Monday, February 19, 2007

Mugglenet book a NYT "Editor's Choice"

Well, how cool is this? Mugglenet's book What Will Happen in Harry Potter 7? was just made an Editor's Choice by the New York Times Book Review!

Quotage (author is Lee Siegel):
You realize something as you follow these fans through questions of loyalty (just how binding is the “life debt” that one wizard owes to another who saves his life?); of love (is it a lack of sexual tension that makes Harry and Hermione friends?); of self-esteem (“Neville’s early lack of skill may be nothing more than the result of meager self-confidence”). If Rowling’s genius lies in the replete, self-contained world she has created for young people, then to the extent that her readers have entered into this world, they partake of her imaginative genius.

To put it another way, Spartz and company aren’t jumping up and down on YouTube or sending out minute-by-minute dispatches about their state of mind on MySpace. They are traveling out of their own selves into someone else’s imagined universe, where they seem happy, even grateful, to find pieces of their lives without encountering the slightest reference to themselves.
Nice work guys, and congratulations!

And on a more somber note, the Times also reported about the controversy over the Newbery winner A Higher Power of Lucky's use of a medical word for a man's genitalia (I'm not squeamish, I just don't want to get blocked). I thought the book was delightful and powerful.

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