Monday, July 16, 2007

Jim Dale speaks (no spoilers)

Jim Dale, the voice of the American audio-books, has been interviewed by the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

I especially enjoyed this story:
It's amazing that ... every time I open my mouth in public now, it seems that one or two of the children present are ardent listeners to the Harry Potter books. So much so that one of them, when I was in McDonald's, heard me talking to my grandson. A look of amazement came on his face and he and his friend came up to me and said, "Are you the guy who does the audio books?" and they were "gobsmacked," as they said. One of them said, "Could you order my hamburger as Dumbledore, please?" and the other one said, "And can you order my French fries as Dobby?" and so I did that, and they were absolutely thrilled.
What would you ask Dale to say for you?

By the way, did you know that you can get an alarm clock with Stephen Fry's "valet" voice? The design is cheesy, but there are nearly 50 different wake-up messages. Yes, they ship to America. I should know.

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