Friday, July 06, 2007

Jonathan Ross interview!

The Jonathan Ross BBC1 interview has been broadcast, and roonwit has compiled the highlights:
  • She is more relaxed giving interviews now the books are finished.

  • When asked what she was writing next she said she was taking a break.

  • The trio all have aspects of Jo in them.

  • Her husband has read the book, her daughter is going to read Jo's first (printed?) copy.

  • The last three books have been stolen from the printers (I am not sure if she means 4-6, or 5-7).

  • Jo only agreed to the films being made on condition that only her stories were used (ie, no spin offs written by someone else).

  • Harry's story comes to quite a clear end in book 7. She won't say that she will never write another book set in the Harry Potter world but thinks it unlikely.

Please note that these are summaries not quotes.

Update! A video (quicktime mp4) now available on The Leaky Cauldron [adult humor] Thanks, roonwit!
More summaries, these from SnitchSeeker:
  • Bob Hoskins (also a guest on the show) was asked why he hasn't been in a Potter film yet. Jo implied there was a part in Deathly Hallows he could possibly play [so this must be a new character?].

  • Finishing book 7 was a release, as she's been writing for 17 years.

  • Will never see writing for children as second best.

  • She kept losing the epilogue. It has been changed - specifically 2 unplanned deaths but there will be many more than just those 2 (she used the word "bloodbath" then said that was an exaggeration).

  • She had to establish boundaries as to what magic can and can't do - specifically in relation to death.

  • The last word in Deathly Hallows is no longer "scar". She won't reveal the last word.

  • She was euphoric and devastated to finish. She howled after writing a particular chapter and downed half a bottle of champagne in a hotel, going home with mascara over her face.

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