Saturday, July 28, 2007

Today Show Part Two: full transcript (SPOILERS)

We now have the transcript for the second part of the NBC Today Show interview, this one prepared by AQ staffer Meann. In this part of the interview Vieira and Rowling talk about the influence Jo's mother's death had on the books, the original last sentence of the series, Jo's relationship with Dan, Emma and Rupert, and the record-breaking book sales. The interview contains Deathly Hallows spoilers. Thanks Meann!


Cronista said...


i am lost - can you say me where appears the Victoire and Longbottom's quote, please? thanks!!

Lisa said...

Cronista, It was *reported* in an article about the interview but it wasn't actually included in any of the videos -- so it isn't in our video transcript.

We expect that it will appear in the footage they show on Sunday. For now, here is the news article that reports what Jo said about Victoire:

Cronista said...

thanks, Lisa! i couldn't find it. I hope the original quote appears on the Sunday show.