Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ross transcript posted

We've posted the transcript of the Jonathan Ross interview! [adult humor warning]. Although our transcript is based in part on the one posted at Leaky, the Accio Quote version includes the green room chit chat before the main interview, as well as substantial corrections and clarifications. Thank you again Jules and roonwit! Transcription typing is numbing, painstaking work.

And here are the official summaries we came up with:

* The trio all have aspects of Jo in them.
* Harry's story comes to quite a clear end in book 7.
* She won't say that she will never write another book set in the Harry Potter world but thinks it unlikely.
* Jo clarified that while there are 2 unplanned deaths in Book 7, overall there will be many more than that.
* The last word in Deathly Hallows is not "scar;" She won't tell us what it is.
* Jo "howled" after writing a particular chapter toward the end.

In case you're wondering, summaries are different from highlights in that they are restricted to what we learned about the books from the interview.

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