Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Today Show teasers

Word is leaking out on MSNBC about what is in store for us this Thursday and Friday morning when Jo is interviewed by Meredith Vieira and 14 fans on the Today Show. So far, here are some of the things they will talk about:

  • Rowling "probably will" publish a Potter encyclopedia, promising many more details about her beloved characters and the fate of the wizarding world beyond the few clues provided in the seventh book’s epilogue. The encyclopedia would include back stories of characters she has already written but had to cut for the sake of narrative arc [...] as well as details about the characters who survive “Deathly Hallows,” characters who continue to live on in Rowling’s mind in a clearly defined magical world.
  • The name of character Rowling couldn’t bear to kill.
  • The chapter she "howled" over.
Update: a partial transcript of the interview has been posted on the Time Magazine website!

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