Saturday, December 29, 2007

Canon summaries posted

The canon summaries for the last several interviews have been posted on the 2007 listing over on Accio Quote!

The big news today is that the third trailer for the December 30 ITV1 documentary contains information on the second generation of Harry's friends and their families. All three trailers are available on The Leaky Cauldron's YouTube page, and Jo's diagrams of the families is above.

Update: The door on Jo's Website is open with the drawing of the tree with additional information on Draco's family.

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Aisling Yinyr said...

Hey I was just on the Weasley family page on the Lexicon, and I don't think that Percy's full name is Percival, since in OotP his full name was given in Harry's trial as Percy Ignatius Weasley, not Percival Ignatius Weasley. And there isn't any indication anywhere that Percy is short for Percival in the case of this particular Percy.