Friday, November 28, 2008

Potter Parties next week!

Well, our parties are next week and they are beginning to shape up. Trelawney will be there, as long as she stops hitting the sherry (j/k Laurie), as will Professors Sprout and Lockhart (visiting from St. Mungo's). Snape (sorry, Professor Snape) will be teaching Defense against the Dark Arts and for some reason he requested a karaoke machine. I can't wait. Mike's filks are famous here at the library. Hagrid and Professor Grubbly-Plank will squabble, er, teach Care of Magical Creatures, and Simon Wanderer from the Ministry will be testing kids for their magic abilities. For some reason Umbridge decided to come, and there was no polite way to dissuade her. Hopefully she won't disrupt the classes -- and there won't be any centaurs around.

What's new? Well I think I found a way to have stars on the ceiling like the Great Hall's. We'll see. And I hear rumors that we will have live Celtic music before and after, which will be super cool.
Tuesday, December 2, 2008
Himmel Park Branch Library
All ages welcome.

Thursday, December 4, 2008
Eckstrom-Columbus Branch Library
Space is limited, so all attendees must register beginning Tuesday, November 19th. All ages welcome.
Many thanks again to Scholastic Book Fairs which has generously donated the door prizes.

Now, where did I put my wand?

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Unknown said...

Ms Bunker ...

I just ran across your "Pince" site while doing research for some updates on my site. Not seeing any other way to 'contact' you, I'll post a comment. If you are like me, you have your blog set to forward notifications about 'comments' to you ... if not, oh well.

Thank you for the time you have spent on gathering the "Potter" info and posting them on the web in such a concise manner.

If you have any chance at all, I would be honored if you would peruse the web site I've been plonking at for several years. It is a literary potter site,, established (like yours) a bit serendipitously in response to parents of patients. Additionally, I set up a couple of 'blogs' a while back and; but, alas, have not been very compulsive about 'blogging'. Playing with the web site takes much of my discretionary time.

thanks again for your efforts.

ps. I also see you do some desert gardening from your profile. Have you ever seen, or grown, a cactus known as 'Mojave Mound'? We're snowbirding in Mesquite this winter and are searching for the elusive succulent.