Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just an update

I'm not sure if anyone is still reading this blog, but here goes...

Here's what's been going on. Our book The Lexicon: An Unauthorized Guide to Harry Potter Fiction was published in mid-January. I don't have any sales figures yet but my friends sure bought a lot of them =) and our local bookstores -- both chain and independent -- displayed it prominently.

For me personally, this victory was tempered when my mom got sick in November and died in April. I was able to show her a copy of the book, but oh well, you know how it goes. It was wonderful to have the family all together again, and I am comforted by knowing that mom had a good life and was loved by many. Miss her though.

Steve came out in March for the wildly successful first annual Tucson Festival of Books. Steve's talk was standing-room only and got great reviews, and I think I just *glowed* when I saw the line that formed afterward at our signing tent. Next year will be even better -- I'm on the committee that selects the children's and young adult authors and illustrators!

And now? Steve will have a booth for the book at Azkatraz, and he's invited me to come help. Not one to turn down free registration, I've booked a hotel room and am looking for a quiet person (well, female) to share it with. Anyone want to come to a Potter convention in San Francisco? There's some really exciting programming and a huge Wrock fest!

But before that, our library will again be putting on 2 more Potter parties. Our first planning session is tonight. One date is still undecided -- I will post an update when everything is confirmed.

More news coming, but for now I need to get ready for work!

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