Sunday, July 30, 2006

Lumos t-shirt sightings

One of the things I love about a conference like Lumos (a weekend with other people just as obsessed as you -- or more) is the clever t-shirts and buttons people make for the event. Here are my favorites from Lumos this weekend in Las Vegas:
Free Lucius
Blast-Ended Skrewt (below the t-shirt the seat of their pants displayed a large burned-looking blast hole)
Support House Unity
Snozz fetish (with picture of the greasy one)
You looked a lot better on MySpace
Watch out for the flying monkeys
Dumbledore Lives (Fawkes will see to that)
Republicans for Voldemort
Got Snape?
Badger Bitches
Fight evil -- read books
Werewolf rescue unit (extremely ripped)
I trust Severus Snape
Full Contact Wizard Chess League
Bumbling babbling band of babboons
Ten points from Gryffindor
I believe they're still alive
Cornelius Fudge does make goblin pies
Good grammer costs nothing
Coed naked quidditch
Save Ginny
Its nice to be someplace where the wizards know your name (book club)

What's you're favorite Potter t-shirt?

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