Saturday, March 03, 2007

Six New Articles added to Accio Quote

I have added six new articles to our archive. Enjoy!
  • "Boy wizard frees trapped mother," Sunday Times (London), December 6, 1998
    [Excerpt] Potter was drawn as a bespectacled hero because Rowling had worn thick glasses as a child and had been frustrated that spectacle-wearers were always the swots but never the heroes. The qualities that Rowling admires in Harry are also the ones that she has probably had to develop herself.
  • "Wizard with Words," Telegraph Magazine (London), July 3, 1999
    [Excerpt] She has a large working occult library and it's hard to catch her out on her magic. She was pleased to be quizzed by a boy on the difference between charms and transfiguration.
  • "Just Wild About Harry," The Scotsman (Edinburgh), July 8, 1999
    [Excerpt] Adele Geras: ... when you embark on a saga like this you commit yourself, and that's part of the fun. You're one of the ones in the know: a Harry Potter fan. You can swap words and catchphrases which mere mortals won't recognise. You can make allusions that go over the heads of the ignorant.
  • "HP's novel encounter," The Times (London), June 27, 2000
    [Excerpt] "To Bryony - who is the most important person I've ever met in a signing queue & the first person ever to see merit in Harry Potter. With huge thanks. J.K.Rowling." The "huge" has been underlined four times, signifying the contribution that Evens has made to this particular phenomenon. For it is she who, while working at the Christopher Little Literary Agency as office manager, opened the post one morning in 1996 to find her attention drawn to a black folder.
  • "Mother of all Muggles," The Irish Times, July 13, 2000
    [Excerpt] No one would ever pick Rowling out as the creator of these books. She is not sufficiently weird or offbeat. She doesn't even have bright purple socks.
  • "Media: Harry Potter and the Horrible Hackette; Which Interviewer Inspired the Venomous Portrait in J.K. Rowling's Latest Bestseller? Severin Carrell Rounds up the Likely Suspects," The Independent (London), September 5, 2000
    Jo has said that the character Rita Skeeter was written long before she had to deal with unscrupulous reporters, but this writer tries to guess anyway.
Since February I have added 22 new items to the archive. Woo hoo!

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