Friday, March 16, 2007

"Sixty Minutes" transcript

Remember the 10-part video from the 2002 "Sixty Minutes" interview that resurfaced last fall? Thanks to AQ reader 'daydreamcharms' we now have the transcript and can compare it with the show as it was originally broadcast. There were two bits of new canon revealed:
  • Mosag (Aragog's wife) is a Gaelic epithet meaning "dirty female or filthy."
  • Jo shows two of the books she used for research: Fortune Telling By Cards, and Culpeper's Complete Herbal.

Can you identify the fortune telling book? The title, Fortune Telling by Cards, has many different editions and authors. It appears to me to date to the late 19th or early 20th century, so I think it is this book:

Prangley, Ida B. Fortune Telling by Cards, Describing How Card Are "Read" by Persons Professing to Tell Fortunes by Their Aid. London: L.U. Gill, 1900.
Unfortunately rare book websites like alibris don't show the cover for this 1900 edition.

Culpeper's Herbal is readable/searchable online via Bibliomania.

P.S. I have links to the video here: Accio Quote!


daydreamcharms said...

Thanks, Lisa! :)

Oh, there seems to be a problem with the transcript page. Some of the HTML codes seem to have been corrupted. :(

Lisa said...

It's fixed. Sorry I didn't catch it sooner! --Lisa

Cronista said...

thanks! i've liked the 'Mosag' think specially ;)