Sunday, October 29, 2006

Questions for Jo #2

We know that a Patronus can drive off dementors and send messages quickly. Last year in and interview with Emma Coad you described it as a "spirit guardian" used to "protect yourself and other people that you cared about."

What else can they protect against? Are they useful for defense in dueling or battle with people? Are some Patronuses more powerful than others?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Video of 2002 interview now available

Wonderful news, but not without some mystery: 60 Minutes (CBS News) has posted video from their 2002 interview with Rowling!

Here's the mystery, though: if it is the interview from October 2002, the text doesn't match the transcript we have posted here on AQ. I am researching this, trying to find out if what is on the internet is just re-mixed, or if our transcript was misidentified. If you know something helpful, please write or post here in the comments.

Highlights include shots of the interiors of Nicholson's, screen caps of some of Jo's drawings, the origin of the name Mosag, Jo as a redhead, and much more.

Friday, October 13, 2006

New Potter party photos from Thania

Thania and Steve sent their photos to me and so now I have a complete set of photos from this year's Harry Potter party. Gosh, it was fun! If you spot a Molly Weasley (wearing an apron) in the photos, that's me.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Whiskey Bards

I am enjoying my new CD by the Whiskey Bards, a local Tucson Celtic music group. They're pretty damn good! The bards are 4 guys with backgrounds in music and allegiance to the Barony of Tir Ysgithr (Society of Creative Anachronism). "Simon" was also the magician at my library's Potter party last month. Sláinte, guys! Well done!

Questions for Jo #1

Not that I'd ever get the chance, but I think every fan wishes they could ask Jo questions about the books. Here is one of mine. My favorite scene is still from the 12th chapter of Philosopher's Stone -- when Harry first experiences the loving gazes of his family in the Mirror of Erised. Aside from knowledge of how the mirror works, did seeing his family change to Harry's perception of himself? Would he act/react any differently if he hadn't viewed his parents?

Accio Quote! is here!

Accio Quote! is up and running! Big thanks to Roonwit and everyone who helped for all the help speeding the conversion up.

Comments and problems can be posted here to this blog or by e-mail to

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Introducing Riikka Jäntti

I am pleased to announce that children's book author and illustrator Riikka Jäntti will be doing the artwork for the new Accio Quote!

Who can forget Riikka's painting of Draco? or of Hogwarts? And the field animals she paints for her children's books have the mastery of Beatrix Potter. Like Potter, Riikka's animals are totally realistic and yet endearingly human at the same time.

There is a bit more information on Riikka over on the Harry Potter Lexicon.

The current artwork for Scoop's, the QQQ and Accio Quote is just something I did in Fireworks. Riikka's (coming) new artwork will knock your socks off.