Sunday, January 21, 2007

Yikes, my library has 502 copies of Book 7 on order!

My library has 502 copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on order! Way to go, Ann!

We should have them on the release date (whenever that is) because they will be drop shipped already processed directly from our distributor.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Deathly Hallows meme

A meme copied from Moste Excellente Potter Fanartist Makani:

1. Are you going to look at every possible spoiler you can before the book comes out? Did you with HBP and how accurate were the ones you saw?
Only the ones that seem harmless, and none the last week. I didn't get spoiled for book 6 and I'm really really glad.

2. What will you do if Amazon (or whoever;) don’t deliver your copy on time, and everyone is reading it except you?
I will try to do what I did for book 6: go to the largest bookstore party I know of and then at 11:45 move on to my fave independent bookstore (Kids' Center in Tucson) to actually buy the book. I was first in line and home reading by 12:15. Last year 2 friends were hired by Barnes and Noble to play Hagrid and Dumbledore [photo here from my party] so people could get pictures taken with them.

3. Will you read the last chapter before anything else? Are you planning to read the book all in one go or are you a slow reader?
It depends on the book. Normally I read in one gulp but I had to take book 6 in small bites. It took me a day-and-a-half to read it.

4. What’s your theory on the meaning of “Deathly Hallows?”
Oy. I still hold by my earlier post (here).

5. What’s the craziest Harry Potter theory you’ve got, which you could only share with your trusted f-list?
That Harry will take a journey into death (like in the Aeneid) through the veil. I'm not sure what protects him, except for the fact that his wand wood is supposed to have properties that protect one on journeys. But that is probably nutz-o because it mixes Jo-magic with woo-woo stuff I found on the web.

6. If you could write in a sub-plot of your own choosing to the main Harry one, what would it be?
It would be torrid but funny goings on in Hogsmeade.

7. Who do you think will die in the book, and who would you be most upset to see die, even if you don’t think it’s likely?
Voldemort. And he's not coming back. Bellatrix too. I also can't see a future for Snape. Sadly, I think Hagrid, Arthur, Firenze, and the Sorting Hat are also goners.

8. Name three main (ish) characters who you think will definitely live and why. Is there a very minor character(s) you really want to have a happy ending?
Harry (I don't think this will have a Bartimaeus-like ending). Ginny and Neville too.

9. If you don’t like the book, or are bitterly disappointed by it, do you think you’ll still stay in the fandom?
It's going to be really, really hard to update the Lexicon if I'm crying.

10. One word (or concise) answers only!
- Snape: good, evil, own agenda? Um.
- Bill: will he help Remus or just be on permanent honeymoon? Help.
- Peter: a Gryffindor moment or not? Not.
- Harry: is he a Horcrux? No.
- The Weasleys: will they all survive? No.
- If no to the above: who won’t? Arthur.
- Did Snape love Lily: yay or nay! Aye.
- Hogwarts: will they go back to school or not? Yup.
- Remus and Tonks: will they get married in the book? Epilogue.
- Bellatrix: who will be her nemesis? Neville!
- The new leader of the OotP is …? Aberforth.
- Percy: will he see the error of his ways or not? Sorta.

11. If Harry could take just one adult Order of the Phoenix member with him on the search for Horcruxes, who should it be and why?
Snape. Oh, come on, who else would it be?

12. Will Remus and Greyback have a confrontation in human or werewolf form? Will Tonks be involved? Who will the other werewolves support?
Ooooh, yes. Wouldn't it be cool if Remus was taking Wolfsbane potion (because of Tonks) and Fenris wasn't but Lupin still beat him?

13. Who is the person from Harry’s class (and it isn’t him, Ron or Hermione), who will become a Hogwart’s teacher? What subject will they teach?
Neville, who went to live with Prof. Sprout after his gran died. Now, now, I know what you're thinking. I mean platonically.

14. Do you think Harry will observe Remus looking less lined and walking with a little more of a spring in his step? If so, do you think he'll attribute it to Tonks, and if he does, will he blush?

15. Will Ginny use, "But Professor Lupin saw the futility of being a noble prat!" for one of her million arguments with Harry about why they should be together? Do you think they’ll get back together at all?
I hope so! I think Harry will go it alone in the beginning but eventually the trio +Ginny, Neville and Luna will be in on the action in the last part of the story.

16. Which house do you think Tonks is in, and why? Is she going to morph into someone important and who will it be?
Tonks is Gryffindor which is why Jo didn't mention it.

17. Who will be revealed to be the heir of Gryffindor?
Sue Upton suggested Neville and I think this is a good guess. I think few have shown more bravery than Neville.

18. As JKR has promised the final chapter will be like an epilogue; how do you think the final paragraph will read?
I want to know most what happens to Hogwarts after everything shakes out.

19. Which question from the books would it annoy you most not to have answered?
Hagrid's missing 24 hours on Nov. 1, 1981.

20. What do you think the last line of the book is?
Harry realized that he never found out the cause of Dumbledore's scar.