Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Official transcript of Owen Jones interview!

AQ reader Joanne Hill has transcribed the Owen Jones interview that was televised by ITV in 2005! I have been busy correcting all the references to the previous, incomplete reports, because the quoted text is slightly different. Here is the adjusted list of canon summaries for the interview:
  • JKR: "Ravenclaw will have its day!" Jo makes this seem like it will be important.
  • Wormtail won't kill Lupin.
  • Jo is implying that Dumbledore had a hand in ending WWII when he defeated the dark wizard Grindelwald.
  • She gave Harry a fortune as she was poor at the time and wanted him to have a lot. It was wishful thinking.
  • Loves fan-theories. People have been very close to figuring out things.
  • JKR: "Bits of the final book have been guessed."
  • Ron is a character who would swear, but her editor won't let her use swear words.
  • A Hogwarts graveyard will not play a role in the last book; it is something fans made up. [Ed: the source was actually Alfonso CuarĂ³n]
  • JKR: "When people have finished reading this book, they will really know what to expect in book seven. I think I give very clear pointers to what Harry will do next."
  • JKR: "The final chapter, as I've always said, really relates to what happens to the people who survive the story, after the end of the story. And I have made small tweaks to it over the intervening years. And I'll have to rewrite it when I get there."

Note: I have also removed something that Jo was reported to have said because it was *not* in the interview. Although it really sounds like her, she apparently did NOT say: "There is plenty to guess at... at least one thing I think people will probably deduce, there is a mystery left at the end, but I think they might already know the answer if they think about it."

Thank you for the transcript Joanne, you have advanced our knowledge of canon! And thanks too to Owen. You asked some really great questions.

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