Thursday, April 26, 2007

New canon: Slytherin = "warped wizards?"

AQ reader Louise told us a few months ago about a 2001 interview in Candis Magazine, so we added it to our Fan Challenge list. Well, this week, AQ staffer Jules got her hands on a copy and has made us all a transcript. Big thanks to Louise and Jules! Here's the new canon we gleaned:

  • JKR: "The Harry books are supposed to be full of surprises, but I try to make sure that they unfold in a realistic way."
  • Slytherin house is the "home of warped wizards."
  • Riddle, "twisted by ambition and lack of love," desires power.
  • On the diary Horcrux: "Though he's supposed to have died years before, his malign spirit manipulates events through an enchanted diary."
Did you save clippings of articles we don't have on AQ? Well, you can be a Canon Niffler, too!

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