Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New Leaky Interview with Michael Goldenberg

As I search the internet for new articles I often wonder: "How do I know someone didn't just make this up and post it?" So I try to corroborate the existence of the interview several different ways, unless my source is from an official news database or archive. I have gradually been adding "source" notes to the bottom of our interviews as the information is re-confirmed.

Fan reports of interviews are problematic too, unless there is a video to check against. For example, when the Owen Jones interview was finally transcribed I realized that one of the fan reports we had relied upon added a statement that wasn't broadcast (don't worry, it has been removed from our listings). I guess they couldn't resist editorializing.

So yesterday I read with dismay about the supposed interview of OotP screenwriter Michael Goldenberg that turned out to be wholly fabricated. Today Melissa from Leaky News has released a real interview of Goldenberg that sets the record straight. It's a good read.

By the way, I will not be archiving or indexing non-JKR interviews on Accio Quote! even if they have something juicy. However, I will be posting about them here on the blog.

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