Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Warner Brothers launches official site for fifth movie

I am really enjoying the newly redesigned website for the Order of the Phoenix movie!

What do I love? The music. All the new themes are just perfect: by turns ominous, light and goofy (love the oboes), and soaringly joyous. I also love how the music is continuous so as you go from one page or section to another, so the music is not stopped and started again. This is a score I will be buying!

And computer desktops! My computer monitor now sports a gorgeous image of Sirius with the Black Family Tree behind him. Awesome.

One more thing, I think the calligraphy-like frame is gorgeous and very original. I haven't seen this interesting an interpretation since the map in the third movie.

There is a British version of the movie site too. My favorite conceit there is the zooming crystal ball prophecy orb.

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