Saturday, June 02, 2007

Luna's Patronus? Possible spoiler

Harry Potter Latino is reporting that Evanna Lynch told them that according to Jo, her Patronus is a hare. She also said that the horse shown in the trailer belongs to someone else. This confirms a tentative report by "Carlos" to the Leaky Cauldron.

I asked Pablo for an English translation...

El Cronista: And what what about the earrings you are using? Did you make them yourself, like in the movie?
Evanna Lynch: Oh, yes. But J.K.Rowling gave me this one herself [pointing at her silvery necklace with a hare and a moon ("Luna" in Spanish means moon)]

El Cronista: Oh, it's your Patronus!
Evanna Lynch: Yes, the hare!

El Cronista: Because in the trailer it seems more like a horse.
Evanna Lynch: But that's not mine. I don't know who the horse belongs to, but mine is the hare, I've seen it.

The hare is associated with the moon in the folklore of several different cultures.

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Unknown said...

Hares and moon are related? I did't know it :O

But for my part you can believe this report isn't a fake. :P Unfortunately I wasn't so lucky about the Patronus of Ginny and Neville :-(