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Compilation of all Rowling quotes at film premiere

Unknown interviewer for unknown network (HPANA video)

Q: ...the lady who makes it all come to life is J.K. Rowling. (To JKR) How are yeh?
JKR: I'm fine, thank you.

Q: Have you seen the film yet?
JKR: I have. I saw it a couple weeks ago, yeah.

Q: I have to ask how involved you get in the films. Are you there for a lot of the process? or do you pretty much leave them to it?
JKR: I pretty much leave them to it -- they know what they're doing. But when they need to ask questions then I will give them the answers and make sure we're on track. Yeah.

Q: Are the characters as you see them on the screen now as you wrote them, as you envisioned them?
JKR: Imelda particularly is the most perfect -- which isn't very complementary -- no, she's absolutely brilliant. Very creepy. And I must also say Evanna Lynch who plays Luna. She IS Luna. She's magnificent. I don't think anyone will be disappointed in Luna.

Q: I am assuming then that you had a teacher a little like Umbridge.
JKR: Actually she wasn't a teacher, but did once know someone a little bit like Umbridge, yes.

Q: Obviously we've seen the characters on the screen. Do you then have them in your head when you're writing the stories. Have they almost created and taken the characters further for you?
JKR: I don't. To be honest, I still see what I always wrote. I don't see Dan when I'm writing Harry. No, [distracted by Death Eaters coming out of fireplace] I still see my characters, to answer your question.

Q: It's kind of over for you now, though, isn't it? -- you've just finished the last book.
JKR: Almost ... almost over. Just over 2 weeks time.

Q: Is that sad for you?
JKR: It is sad. It's half and half. Because I really like book 7. Its my favorite, so that's a great way to finish.

Q: Do you have a clear idea in your head or do you just start writing and it develops that way?
JKR: No, I plan. Seven was largely planned for a long time, so I knew exactly where I was going to finish.

Q: What will you do when the books are all out? Have you got plans? Maybe go on holiday?
JKR: Exactly. Holiday. Yeah. We're going on a holiday.

Q: There's so many people here at Leicester Square, and the cinema, and watching online as well -- and we probably want to say a massive 'thank you,' because you've kind brought this to them.
JKR: Don't make me cry this early in the evening. That will happen at midnight when I've had a drink.

Q: Congratulations! Another great film, JK. Thank you.

Daily Mail

But surrounded by fans and stars, J.K.Rowling said she like the movie.

"It's the darkest film but in many ways it's the darkest book so it's
faithful," she said.

The latest premiere comes just weeks ahead of the final book in the
series - which the author said was her favourite.

"It's exactly how I always planned it to be. Half of me feels proud I
stayed on track but I do feel a little bit bereft."

CBBC Newsround

JK Rowling was also there, and talked about the final book in the
series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
"Finishing it was very, very emotional. It was a combination of relief
and sadness really," she said.

Reuters: "Rowling joins stars of ‘Harry Potter’ film"

Rowling said she shared the view of many critics that "Phoenix" is the
darkest of the Potter films so far.

Rowling indicated that the final book would indeed be the last Harry
Potter, and, when asked if she had been tempted to change her mind,
she said: "No, it is really what it was always planned to be."

AP: Fans camp for hours to cheer actors, author at Harry Potter movie premiere

Lindsay Toler reporting

LONDON (AP) - Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling said Tuesday she was
sad but relieved to have completed the final book in her young wizard
saga as she greeted excited fans at the European premiere of the
latest movie in the series.

"Finishing it was very, very emotional. It was a combination of relief
and sadness really," Rowling said at the European premiere of the
fifth movie, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix."

Details of her latest book are secret guarded from even her own
family, Rowling said. Fans pleaded for clues, seeking to learn the
answer to the most hotly anticipated plot twist: Will Harry die?

"It's been a hell of a month. I'll want to know what the people in my
house think of it," she said.

London's Leicester Square was transformed for the film premiere,
draped in green and gold to imitate the film's Ministry of Magic.

Asked what plans she had for the near future Rowling said: "I'm
looking forward to going on holiday."

BBC News 24, Razia Iqbal reporting [mp4]

JKR: "It;s really only at the film premieres and the launches of the books that the full impact of it hits you."

JKR: Screaming kids with books in their hands -- what's better than that? It's wonderful!

Sky News Online

JKR on hackers: "Believe nothing. If I start confirming and denying it gets complicated but no-one should be too worried about secrets being given away."

Daily Mail

Rowling was shocked to hear that some fans had camped overnight to catch a glimpse of their favourite magical characters.

"No. They haven't?' she asked. "Poor, poor things."

But she was evidently pleased at their enthusiasm. "It's fantastic and they're holding books and that's the best thing."

Asked what the crowd had to say, she noted: "They're asking all the obscure questions and I can't say yes or no. But they've only got two weeks to wait now so I'm not being too mean."

BBC Newsround, Lizo Mzimba reporting

LM: Now of course you know what I am going to ask you now don't you.
JKR: Probably, but go on. (Laughs)
LM: Is there anything, even the smallest thing imaginable that you can tell us about Deathly Hallows?
JKR: No. It's actually two weeks Lizo, come on now ...


Without a doubt, the highlight of my night was meeting JK Rowling for the first time on the red carpet. Here's what she had to say to me:

"I think in this film, they were brave enough to show Harry as angry as he was in the book, which was a great thing, because I think on the journey that Harry goes on throughout the seven books, there had to be a point where he got angry about the job that he was being asked to do, and so it is a dark book, largely because of Harry's state of mind, and they preserve that in the film, and I liked that. I was glad. And also, Dan does that superbly well."

She also mentioned that Evanna Lynch is "amazing" and that her favorite scenes in this movie are those with the dementors and the Dursleys.

For a full list of Premiere articles, audio and video, see the awesome list at HPANA.

Later edit: Another video has surfaced over on Digital Spy, but it very difficult to understand.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for collecting the quotes. I found this one:

"Fans pleaded for clues, seeking to learn the answer to the most hotly anticipated plot twist: Will Harry die?

Rowling said details are a secret from even her own family.

"I'll want to know what the people in my house think of it," she said.",2933,288057,00.html

Anonymous said...

Some more:
"Rowling, who is a supporter of new Prime Minister Gordon Brown, was asked if she would ever consider going into government but laughed and said: "Absolutely not."

Anonymous said...

Jo is being pestered more and more:
"Though she looked radiant in a gold silk dress, she said she was being pestered "at least twice every day" about how the final book ends and explained: "What I am looking forward to most is a holiday with my children."

There's also a quote out there in which Jo comments at how much Dan has grown as a star. Despite much digging I can't find the article where I originally read it. Hopeully you'll have more luck!

Anonymous said...

I hope she updates her website with a news about the premiere, as she did with HP3. :)

Oooooooh, only 2 weeks!!! Do we really want this to finnish???

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Robbie Coltrane says in his interview with Skynews that Jo has told him "Hagrid has lots to do" in book 7.

Anonymous said...

Rowling and Sarah Brown, the wife of British PM Gordon Brown, worked together on a book to help one-parent families, but the 41-year-old doesn't intend to dabble in politics.

"I'd never do it - absolutely not," Daily Express quoted her, as telling at the premiere of .the latest Potter flick Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix.

However, Rowling said she is very happy to see Brown leading the country.

"It's really great to see him leading the country," she said